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      About Us
      Chongqing Jianmao

      Welcome to our website


      Who are we?

      We are a connector manufacturer for the whole country. We are committed to the R & D, design and distribution of innovative product solutions closely related to people's lives. We have a professional technical team and perfect management system. We have developed more than 2000 reliable products, which are widely used in motorcycle, general machinery, agricultural machinery, new energy vehicles and household appliances.

      What is our service area?

      We are good at connecting the systems of motorcycles, general dynamics, new energy vehicles and household appliances. These systems are the areas we serve, and our products continue to contribute to innovation.

      Our main products include: motorcycle EFI system connectors (Delphi, Sanguo, Fuai, Lifan, Zongshen power, Yesheng); Instrument connector series; 250 (6.3) series; 187 (4.8) series; 110 (2.8) series; Grounding ring series; Battery lug series; Fuse box series; Home appliance connector series.

      How do we connect?

      Meeting the needs of customers is the purpose of our company. We use our proven ability and continuous innovation to solve problems for customers and cooperate with customers to develop innovative products. Our professional team ensures that we can efficiently develop products, stably manufacture high-quality products, and ensure on-time delivery through perfect system management (iso9001:2015). At the same time, we try our best to reduce the cost and price through production improvement and rationalization.

      We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit, guide and cooperate, and sincerely hope that you can ask us for strict quality, care and support us. thank you!



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      JPM is a national connector production and sales supplier, which is widely used in auto, household appliances and general machine industries.

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